I have been spoiling Nic for last three months, now she has got postcard I send her so she knows who am I.  When I got information about my pal I was just recovering from influenza and waiting for my graduation.

On late March I send first packet to Nic.



(some Wetterhoff Sivilla wool-silk blend, Addi circular, Mignon eggs for easter)

On April I send my packet too but I don't have any photos of it because I packed it in a postoffice. There was some chocolate, sockyarn from PoshYarn ans something rosy for bathroom.

I have troubles with British Amazon I ordered Favorite socks from there in April but when they haven't send it on June. So I send the one I ordered to myself from USA to Nic.  (I ordered new Favorite socks for myself afterwards and now I already got it.) There was also something else in a packet.





I had a great time suprising Nic.

I don't know who my SecretPal is but I hope find it out soon.